The proposals that are main the preparation of a study when it comes to defense associated with the diploma work

The proposals that are main the preparation of a study when it comes to defense associated with the diploma work

The duty for the are accountable to the diploma

The are accountable to the diploma tasks are a message when it comes to protection associated with the last qualifying work (FQW) with a number of 3-4 pages of typewritten text (handout, presentation) containing a listing of the thesis therefore the main conclusions regarding the chosen research topic.It is desirable never to read the message, but easily to share with.

The members of the State Attestation Commission (SAC) assess, first of all, the diploma’s readiness to defend the final qualifying work, and also the SAC members pay attention to the following on the defense

  • – The manager’s feedback (positive aspects and shortcomings regarding the work);
  • – Review (advantages and disadvantages associated with work);
  • – Compliance using the needs of design, persistence of this framework of work;
  • – Introduction and summary of work;
  • – the information of this main area of the diploma,
  • – enrollment associated with directory of literary works of work;
  • – Sufficiency and compliance of data presented within the handout.

The entire objective of the report isn’t only to pronounce the speech that is prepared but to show the capacity to produce and reveal the research “picture” in line with the completed diploma. The presentation should show the significance and worth of the task done, show your very own comprehension of the relevance associated with selected topic and reflect the personal contribution to the clear answer associated with the tasks. The prosperity of the defense for the diploma tasks are half determined by whether or not the graduate pupil can deliver the main competently points of the use making use of handouts and presentations to your listeners-members regarding the payment.

The dwelling of the report

The dwelling associated with report ( by having a right time limit of 5-7 minutes) is proposed, on the basis of the foundation of three blocks:

  1. 1. introduction and posing the issue;
  2. 2. the total outcomes of the job done;
  3. 3. conclusion and recommendations.

The proposed structure of the report is excellent and can be specified and changed depending on the details and content regarding the work, the outcomes acquired together with presentation of the demonstration materials.

1. The section that is first of report “Introduction and statement for the problem” is made due to the “Introduction” associated with diploma. The report begins with a greeting “Hello, Dear Chairman and people in the continuing State Certification Commission!”. With respect to the situation, in the event that graduate student just isn’t represented ahead of the performance and / or the subject of their tasks are maybe not mentioned, it is feasible to continue so “Your attention is presented to your diploma work (SNP) on the subject (complete name)”. Upcoming, a maximum of a full minute, you’ll want to speak about the relevance regarding the selected subject. The goal and tasks is specified in slides plus don’t spend your time if the report exceeds the founded restriction.

2. The 2nd part of the report “Results associated with work done” is considered the most voluminous and adequately illustrated both regarding the slides plus in the handout. Information because of this part should always be compiled from chapters 2 and 3 associated with the thesis. Further, to show the object of research, its economic characteristics, the conclusions that are main. By the time this section will not go beyond 4.5 moments.

3. The next section “Conclusion and suggestions” – represents the greatest value of this performance. It really is created as a result of given information from chapter 4 and / or the final outcome of this diploma. It is necessary to clearly not just explain the tips which have been developed, but additionally make an effort to prove convince that is( audience associated with the practical significance of the proposals for the enterprise itself. To conclude his speech to avoid a pause that is uncomfortable you’ll be able to announce the conclusion of the report, thanking the members associated with State Attestation Commission for his or her attention “The report is completed. Many thanks for attention!”.

Strategies for the preparation for the report

The report should always be pre-written and needs to be corrected by the adviser that is clinical that is, with the exception of the writer associated with the thesis as well as the head, no body can look during the report, so the report could be prepared at your discretion. For convenience, when composing it’s advocated to make use of 14 font Times New Roman, period 1.5. Whenever writing a protection report, you ought to navigate by amount as follows: 1 page of text with time takes 2 moments for the presentation, i.e. a report for 5 minutes – this is an average of 2.5 pages.

If you can find difficulties, it is possible to first prepare the message with the illustrations, and then divide it into two parts: the writing regarding the report it self without tables and drawings and handouts. The report should really be drawn up through the 3rd or person that is second for instance: the following recommendations are suggested or even the following tips were produced by us. Illustrated product, which can be chosen through the thesis for handout and presentation, in reality, may be the “skeleton” – the foundation associated with report. For handouts and presentations, you ought to select beautiful and informative pictures (drawings, tables). In the slides as well as in the handout, exactly the same tables and numbers could be presented.

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